Stay productive during home office

Quarantine. Quarantine is, where programmers are usually in. Or am I mistaken?

Nowadays, a lot of people cannot go to work and enjoy their work time personally with colleagues as a team due to the current situation of coronavirus.

Let’s break down a few of our recommendations on how to increase productivity during the home office and don’t stay couch potato.

1. Clean your table and close the door


Set your workspace the same as in the office. Take away all unnecessary and useless things from the table so they don’t disturb you. Leave on your desk just what you need to do your job. If you do not live alone, close the door and let others know, that your working time is right now.

2. Wake up earlier

You have to realize that you are not on holiday. Do not waste the time on your sleep. Set up alarm as you wake up to the work usually. If you get up earlier, use this time to prepare your daily tasks or have a cup of coffee.

3. Undress pajamas

What would your boss say if you came to work in your pajamas? Just imagine. Dress some nice clothes to feel like in society.

4. Make a coffee break


Having tons of tasks does not mean sitting behind them all the time from morning to evening. Taking regular breaks can only be beneficial for you and for your mind. Get up from the table, walk around, have a cup of tea or coffee.

5. Fresh air is beneficial

Ventilate your room. If you have a balcony, go there. Do you like sports like running, bicycling, rollerskating and so on? Do you like nature? If your answer is YES, use it for your mental and physical health. Otherwise, leave your comfort zone. Then you will work and think much easier.

6. Educate yourself


If you have at least some spare time, cover it with something useful which will help you in your personal and professional development. Read books, watch documentaries, listen to podcasts or educate yourself with some programming courses and don’t fall behind.

If I can recommend you, at this time, my favorite course is by a Canadian developer named Wes Bos. He has sophisticated and interesting full-stack courses mostly from JavaScript world. Also, with Scott Tolinki, they have a very nice and educational podcast called Syntax.

Or if you are from Slovakia, do not hesitate and try courses by Yablko.

WRITTEN BYPatrik Mäsiar